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Naxos, the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades, is located south of Mykonos and east of Paros. The capital of the island is Chora or Naxos.

The island connects Naxos National Airport "Apollon" by air with Athens, while it is connected to Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrio, Cyclades, Dodecanese and Crete by the port of Naxos in Chora. At the harbor of Chora is also the Naxos marina, serving small private boats.

Perfect for your tours on the island is a rental car from Imperial Car Rental.

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Naxos has been inhabited continuously since the Neolithic era, 5500 BC, with an already developed early Cycladic civilization, as evidenced by excavations in Grotta and the Záz cave in Filoti.

The first inhabitants of Naxos were the Thracians and then Pelasgians. They followed Kares with Naxos, to whom the name of the island is attributed. It fled during the Mycenaean times, suffered many destructions in the Persian wars, passed to the Macedonians and later to the Roman rule.

During the Byzantine years it was plagued by raids by pirates and Saracens. It was conquered by the Venetians and then by the Ottomans, until 1829, which was liberated and annexed to the Greek state along with most of the Aegean islands.

Naxos Rent a Car Greece

With Imperial Car Rental's rental car, visit the green hinterland of Naxos, with the important beaches of Za and Koronos and the particular wetland of the Alykes lagoon.

The beautiful mountain villages will enchant you. Melanes with the Inner Daughter, Kouros and the ruins of an ancient temple at Flerio, the beautiful Galanado and Gliddo, Saint Arsenios, the Bible or Tripods, Sagri with the sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo at the Girula Hill, the nostalgic Chalkio with the Venetian Towers, Filoti with the cave of Za and the Hellenistic fortress Chimarros Tower, the marble Apiranthos with the two impressive towers, the Koronos, the platanophytus Kinidros, the paradise Engares.

The cosmopolitan Chora will impress you with Portara in the Palatia islet at the edge of the harbor, a gigantic, majestic gate of the Archaic temple of Apollo and the Medieval Castle on the natural acropolis of the settlement.

Rent a Car Naxos Greece

With Imperial Car Rental, visit archaeological sites and sights such as the ruins of the Mycenaean settlement at Grotta Square, the Mitropoleos Square, the grand imperial statue of Dionysus in Pachia Ammos, the Dionysus Sanctuary in the Yria region, the enormous Kouros of Apollo in the seaside village of Apollonas, the 7th-century churches in the Tragaia valley, the oldest olive grove of Naxos, aged 5,000 years old, in Vrissi Anisarou.

The beaches of Naxos are easily accessible thanks to the Imperial Car Rental.

On the west side you will find the sandy, windy beach of Agios Georgios next to Chora, Agios Prokopios beach, one of the best in Europe, Agia Anna with fine sand and cedar, Plaka with dunes and endless blue, Orkos, magical and calm, Mikri Vigla , Kastraki with fine white sand, Glyfada with golden sand and absolute tranquility, Alyko, exotic, sheltered, with cedar trees, Pyrgaki with a long sandy beach in a fabulous location, Agiassos, one of the most beautiful of Naxos, Kalantos in a magical desert landscape.

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To the east are the beaches of Panormos, a sheltered bay with palm trees, Psili Ammos with cedar trees and dunes, Moutsouna in the picturesque settlement of a top industrial monument of Greece, with a small harbor and beautiful beaches, lionas with colorful pebbles, next to the galleries of the old smithies, Apollonas pebbled beach and the kouro at the entrance of the village.

To the north of the island, you will relax on the beaches of Amitis and Abram with crystal clear waters and idyllic scenery.

It is worth exploring the whole island with the comfort offered by the Imperial Car Rental car rental service revealing its unforgettable beauties and making your trip to Naxos unforgettable!

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